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We’re a team of tight-knit professionals with decades of real estate experience. Rather than spreading our team out between sales, management and development projects, we focus on doing two things, and doing them exceptionally well:

Matching people to the right investment property, and managing properties as though they were our own.

We don’t see you as our client, we see you as our partner.  Your growth is our growth, and we’re passionate about delivering a high quality service in a down to earth way since 2005.

Leadership Team


Eddie Urra
Director & Property Investment Expert

Eddie leads from the front, and is where Marvel Realty got started. He’s an expert at spotting the right investments, and is the perfect guide for your property journey.

Email: projectsmr@marvelrealty.com.au


Melanie Urra
Director of Innovation

Detail oriented, deeply passionate and always enthusiastic. Melanie is not only passionate about Real Estate but also technology and specialises in Lean Management Systems, making her the engine of our office.


Kelsey Smith
Head of Asset Management

“I’m on it”, is something you’ll hear Kelsey say before you’ve even finished your request. Eager to help, ready to listen and determined to deliver, Kelsey’s the engine of our team.

Phone: 0404 145 291

Professional Team


Nikolina Cupac
Asset Manager and BDM - Sydney

Nikolina brings a strong work ethic, professionalism and extensive knowledge, having worked in the industry for over 6 years. Nikolina understands that both landlord and tenant depend on her to make informed decisions and look after all parties involved. With her approachable nature, she has developed the utmost respect and trust with our customers.

Phone: 0499 992 393

Email: nikolina@marvelrealty.com.au


Jessica Atiya
Customer Relations Manager 

Jessica is passionate about customer service.  She continuingly provids the most exceptional experience for all our customers.  Jess has an eye for process improvement and strives to delivery a modern service. 
Her personally investment portfolio is diverse, giving Jess an edge with understanding different investment types and your specific needs.

Marvel Realty-Buyers-Agent-Clare-James

Clare James
Business Development Manager & Property Investment Expert

Clare James is a dedicated, professional buyers agent. She strives to provide service over and above for her clients.  She is committed to making a difference for all of her clients by supporting their dream of becoming financially secure with the right realty investments for them.  Be assured that Clare will take care of your needs.

Email: clare@marvelrealty.com.au


Fiona Wynne
Asset Manager - Hunter Region

With a long history in customer service, Fiona brings her expertise to Marvel Realty and aims to build and nurture great working relationships with landlords and tenants alike. She’s confident, knowledgeable and has great problem-solving skills, which make her the ideal fit for property management.


Luciano Carle
Head of Leasing - Sydney

Luciano is dedicated to customer service. His vast experience from different industries allows him to communicate with landlords and tenants by directing them with up-to-date information and legislation.  Luciano consistantly delivers the best possible outcomes for all clients.  All enquiries are welcomed with his approachable attitude and therefore he has built strong relationships with our lndlords and tenants alike. 

Phone: 0497 779 151

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We’re always on the lookout for talented, passionate and can-do people to join our team. We offer a workplace of professionalism and growth, with lots of laughs thrown in the mix. Think you might be the next member of our marvellous team, email us:

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