Choosing the Right Property Manager


Choosing the right Property Management team is cruitial in maitaining excellent tentants, which ensures your bottom line .....Cash Flow!

There are a few important questions you should know the answer to when choosing the right property manager for you. Follow this list and you won't go wrong.

  • What methods would you use to market my property and attract tenants?
  • How do you screen tenants to ensure they are good applicants?
  • How many inspections do you carry out per year?
  • What happens if my property needs some urgent maintenance?
  • What action do you take if a tenant is behind on rent?
  • How can you ensure the best returns for my property?
  • What makes you different to other property managers? What can you do that they can’t?

Of course at Marvel Realty, we have the best team.  You'll be happily suprised with our answers to the above questions.  Don't hesitate, book in a chat today to see how we can take care of you.

Have a marvellous day!


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