Covering Your Assets


At Marvel Realty we take care of your assets as if they were our own.  We protect your best interests and follow strict protocols. This is how we cover your assets.

Ingoing Inspection

We know how essential it is to complete a detailed, comprehensive property condition report at the commencement of each tenancy.

Routine Inspections

This inspection provides us with the opportunity to see if the tenant is maintaining the property to our standards. The Routine inspection also allows us to monitor general wear and tear of the property and any maintenance which may be needed on your investment property.

Rental Arrears - Our Zero Tolerance policy

We have a strict rental arrears policy and do everything in our power to ensure tenants fulfil their obligation to pay their rent on time.  When a tenant is late, calls are made each day including text messages and formal letters sent to all tenants who fall even a day behind on their rent.

If a tenant falls 14 days formal action can be taken against the tenant. We will issue all notices to the tenants promptly and within the legislative time frame to ensure you as a landlord are covered.

We also have a simple Rent Rewards System for rent not dishonouring.

Pre-vacate Inspection

We also have a pre-vacate inspection and outgoing inspection to ensure that once a tenant moves on, your property is left in great shape.

We use a reputable company to conduct all of our inspections, so all inspections are thorough.

Don't hesitate, book in a chat today to see how we can take care of your assets.

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