I was so Confused!


I’ve got a bit of a confession to make…

When I was looking for my first investment property, I sat on the fence for a long time. 

I confused myself with what suburb I should buy in, should I buy an established property or a new home? Should I buy an apartment or a house?

The people I spoke to when I had doubts were my family. Everyone had an opinion and they were all different.

Rather than trusting my gut, I listened to all of them and took their advice.

The result?  I made the worst property investment in my entire career.  It was a dud, a lemon.  Luckily for me, time heels all wounds in the property market and I was able to escape unscathed. 

But I did learn an extremely valuable lesson. 

All of my family, friends, uncles, cousins and everyone else that was giving advice all had one thing in common. 

Not a single one of them had an investment property of their own. 

When I look back on it I feel embarrassed that I listened to people who had no idea what they were talking about. They all had opinions, but none of them had experience doing it themselves. 

That’s when I started doing my own research, I spent years looking at numbers and reports and I created my own process that gets results.

Now, I help other people avoid the same mistakes I went through.  

If you have received your finance pre-approval and are ready to take the next step toward your property goals, I would love to brainstorm some ideas with you. Click on the book now button below to set up a time to chat. 

Have a marvellous day!



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