Investment properties can save you money


I’ll admit, this might sound a little crazy at first but hear me out….

Investment properties can save you money, rather than costing you money.

Savvy investors do this in two ways. Depreciation and stamp duty.

Here’s what I mean…

Every person who owns an investment property in Australia is eligible to claim depreciation on all of theixturees and fittings in the home as a deduction in their tax return. 

That means, as the kitchen, taps, appliances and other things in the home reduce in value, you get a tax break. 

Because new things depreciate faster than old things, there are more significant deductions when you buy a new home as an investment, rather than a pre-existing one.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Every property purchase has stamp duty on it. It’s a tax based on a properties value. 

The little known hack to reduce the stamp duty you pay on an investment property is by buying land and then building your investment property.  You save money because you only pay stamp duty  the land, not the house… saving you thousands.

That’s exactly what Alex did.  Not only did he save thousands, he’s seen $100,000 equity growth UNDER ONE YEAR and his property he purchased for $440,000 (house and land) is rented out for $450 per week, creating cashflow.

If you have received your finance pre-approval and are ready to take the next step toward your property goals, I would love to brainstorm some ideas with you. Click on the book now button below to set up a time to chat. 

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