Scammers!  They're out there and they steal millions of dollars every day!

You're propbably aware of all the usual scams, the Nigerian Princes, the phone calls from your "Bank" requesting your personal details over the phone, the countless emails full of English and gramatical mistakes.  But are you aware of Investment Scams?

I was almost scammed myself!

Many of these scams can seem extreamly ligitment.  With well executed video content and paid advets all over social media.  They possibly have very responsive websites full of enticing testionials. 

This is what happened to me!

I fell into a Youtube Rabbit Hole (we've all been there right! a one off 5min video tuned into an hour of mindless consumtion) Then it happened, a paid advert flashed before my eyes, featuring a so called self made multimillionaire who was going to share his investment secrets.  All I had to do was follow the link, fill in the form and I too could be a millionaire!  Alas, I filled in the first form, asking for the usual namw, email and phone number.  The second page was asking for a small, refundable depiste of $250AUD for full access to the "secret training". 

Here I paused, something wasn't right!  So I started to do a google review search.  Lo and behold, there it was SCAM written everywhere.  Whilst I was only 2 minutes into this review search, my phone rang!  It was Rajna from the Investent Team calling to assit with my online payment of $250AUD.  I told this poorly spoken individual I was doing the google review and I know it is a SCAM! 

Very rudly Rajna, was not about to let that go! He started out saying something like "don't be foolish, of course this is not a scam, I'm calling on behalf of Mr Muiltmilionaire who is too busy Investing everyone elses money to call you right now.  So please just deal with me, I will walk you through all the steps to pay the fee, and you have nothing to fear, it is totally refundable."  The more I called him out, the ruder he become, eventually swaering down the phone.  I hung up and blocked the number. 

I was lucky, this time! 

My point is, there may be many indiviuals or companies in Australia presenting you with a ecellent investment oportunity, with high yields, and that may be the case.  However, I urge you to do your due diligence first!  Find online reviews, can you ask to speak to past/current clients.  Are the company staff on socials the one you will be dealing with, either via video chat or in person?  ARE THEY QUALIFIED?  

I found this website to be useful to assit with your decision making, before you hand over money.  Stay safe out there!


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