Why Invest in Property?

Stop burning your money.  Grow it with Real Estate

Investing your money into real estate will stop you burning your money and will help you grow your money

Here is an example of an average income over 15 years including salary increases.


Number of investors we have assisted


MILLION DOLLARS invested by our clients


Why do people buy

investment properties?


» For each child to be handed over at the appropriate time.

» Purchase investment properties as a tax benefit.

» Purchase to rent out then move in when ready.

» Purchase one or two properties as investments

and rent a home to live in an area that may not be affordable to buy.

» Build a portfolio big enough to support lifestyle and stop working full time for someone else.

» For retirement to move in or have the income to support retirement.

Why Invest in Property?

Numbers don't lie

» Strong housing market conditions over the last 25 years have boosted median house values by 412%, or $460,000.

» The Australia population has grown by 1.2% since 2002

» Including immigration, Sydney’s population is forecast to grow to 9.7 million by 2066


How Do Australians Invest?

It's astounding only a small percent of Aussie invest in their finanical freedom. 

» 7.9% of the Australian population own at least one investment property.

» 1.42% of Australians own two properties.

» 0.43% of Australians own three properties.

» 0.16% of Australians own four investment properties.

» 0.065% of Australians own five investment properties.

» 0.068% of Australians own upwards of six investment properties.

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